No more accepting jobs for peanuts.

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One of the biggest struggles, freelancers have isn’t necessarily finding clients, it’s finding the ones that pay well.

I’ve been freelance for almost 10 years and in that time I’ve refined my pitching and marketing to a point where I can consistently land four- and five-figure clients.

The secret to this is about learning to communicate your value and expertise. Stop looking at what you offer as the deliverable (article, blog post, web copy etc.) and start looking at the results it will get, especially when you pitch.

High paying clients value quality and…

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Yes, I understand more about myself now but I’m also so damn angry.

On the outside, I have a pretty perfect life. My work centres around driving nice cars, hanging out at race tracks, and writing things that help people. I get to go to nice places, can afford everything I need and have great people around me.

I’ve built something pretty special for myself but this life, and every step getting there, has been like wading through treacle.

When I suspected I had ADHD at the beginning of 2020, I thought it just explained some of my quirks; the…

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In early 2020, I was still relying on my motorsport side hustle to keep me afloat but when all sport stopped dead thanks to COVID-19, I knew I needed to do something drastic.

In 2012, I started the agency Jet Social. I wanted it to be a high-level full-service agency that, eventually, would have staff and offices. In the beginning, it was just me, acting like a London agency — thinking it would help me land big-ticket clients. It did OK but I was only churning out small bits of work or had very small retainers. …

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I’ve written before on how I find high-paying clients, but let’s talk specifics and how to use LinkedIn to build valuable business relationships.

I’ve found a lot of clients through LinkedIn and most of them come to me. I’m not endlessly pitching — though, that is part of the process. The biggest thing you can do is show your value through the content that you create.

That’s right, you need to show not tell.

I’ve got a lot of part-written novels under my belt (thanks, NaNoWriMo) and one thing I always struggled with was showing what was happening in the book rather than simply stating what was going on. …

You can turn the setting back to easy.

We all have those times when everything feels difficult. It might feel like you’ve ramped the life’s difficulty up to Hard but the thing to understand is that it won’t always feel like that.

In most games, once you set the difficulty, you can change it again if things are too challenging. Life’s the same. We push ourselves and give ourselves challenges — either consciously or not — but we can take a step back when it all gets too tough.

But, like a game, there’s something to be said for persevering…

And don’t say you don’t have the money…

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Why is it that so many people are keen to spend £60 on the latest game but shy away from spending any money on supporting their friends? If you care about someone, does it matter if their event/film/book/game isn’t relevant to you?

And if it is relevant, don’t ask for it for free. If we can’t count on our friends to buy the things we create, who can we count on?

I understand that money is often a limiting factor here so even if you can’t buy a friend’s thing, don’t expect…

You might think I’m super confident, but it’s all a lie.

There seems to be a shared trait among my fellow nerds that we all tend to doubt our abilities and think we’re not good enough, even when we are particularly skilled. I know how shit imposter syndrome can be and it once held me back within my career and business but I learned to push through it.

In fact, I’m so in control of that shitty little Voice that I’m writing a book on this very subject.

The Voice does occasionally creep in but I’ve built a toolkit for…

While freeing up your time for the work you love.

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I have been freelance for eight years and it’s been a rollercoaster. When I started out, I’d just bought a house and there were times where my partner had to pay for my share of the mortgage. But those were teething problems. Or so I thought…

Since then, it’s been a series of ups and downs. I’ve had to work out where I fit in an oversaturated market. I’ve tried lots of different models, marketing approaches and niches and not all of them worked. …

Asking clients for advance payment changed my career.

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The freelance struggle is real. Constant pitching, following up and then chasing for payment when you’ve done the work. It’s a challenge almost all freelancer understand deeply.

When I was working as a generalist marketing and copywriting freelancer, the stress chasing for payment was enough to make me nearly throw the towel in numerous times in my early career.

I learned a lot from the first time someone refused to pay and I had no contract. I lost £1000 for work I’d done but I also had to pay one of my…

It’s a myth and it's hurting your chances for growth.

Yes, I make money while I sleep or when I’m out with friends.

But it’s not passive.

There’s very little in business that’s truly passive and while I once followed the path of passive income, I soon realised that it’s far from easy.

When business coaches and influencers tell you about the sales they made while they were in Bali, you’re not seeing the whole story. You’re not seeing all the work that went into that product or course before it was launched.

Passive income needs to be renamed as…

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